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The forklift vehicles are one of the most trusted units in carrying heavy things. With this, it is also prone to sudden breakups or failures. Thus, one of the most common things to do is to make some replacements of the damage parts. One of the companies that offers wide variety of forklift parts and accessories is Discount Forklift Parts. It offers parts and accessories like forklift starters, alternator, forklift engines, forklift propane parts, forklift brake parts, water pumps, etc.

Understanding Several Forklift Parts


A starter is a motor that functions through the help of the electricity that can be a pneumatic motor, a combustion engine (internal) for a large one or any other devices that are utilized in order to rotate an internal combustion machine to start the operation by its power. Discount Forklift Parts stock the following starters:

  • 281007602471 Reman
  • 3T8209 Heavy Duty new
  • 5800409-14 – Starter new
  • 9005408-57 - Yale Forklift Starter
  • 9005958-24 - Starter- new
  • 909329 - Starter – new
  • D141096 - Starter – new
  • MCF00354 - Starter – new
  • MD171228 - Starter - new NB without nose cone
  • P/N 23300-L1800 Starter – Reman

Aside from the aforementioned styles of starters, there are still many that this company can offer to you.

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so that you can see all of the types of forklift parts.


Before going to the products with regards to this, let’s take a glimpse on the meaning of an alternator. Alternators are electrical generators that makes mechanical energy into electrical energy through the process of conversion by means of an alternating current. If you are not familiar with this kind, here are the brands that discount forklift parts can give you with a variety of choices:

  • 1469597 - New Remy 12V 70AMP
  • P/N 1001791
  • P/N 1041462
  • P/N 1310962
  • P/N 1323659

If still you cannot find an alternator that best suits to your preference or tastes, there are other kinds of alternators that you can opt what you want.


Forklift engines

For forklift engine parts, it has three edition such as:

  1. 12331-L1003 - Flywheel Assembly
  2. D436 (Forklift Engines)
  3. HE1404-MJOH – Main Overhaul Kit
  4. Toyota 4Y Long Blocks
  5. XN1P Peugeot Rebuilt Long Block
  6. Waukesha D176 Engine Kits

As you notice, the forklift engines do not have a variety of choices. However, the three edition can be of great help to you already.

Propane Parts

For the propane parts, here are the following the things that you can choose from:

  • 04221U110471 – Overhaul kit 4Y – Diaphragm
  • 08022 - Bleeder- Vent Valve- Propane
  • 08062 - LP Converter (WOODWARD)
  • 08063
  • 1477-Converter (Model H W/Solenoid
  • FL21812V Propane Electric Lockoff

Brake parts 

  • 1363007 (Shoe Set (2) Brake) {1 Right & 1 Left Shoe}
  • 2800017 (4 Shoe Set Brake)
  • 2803761 (4 Shoe Set Brake)
  • 2809974 (Wheel Cylinder)
  • 635687 (Master Cylinder)

Other product categories

  • Accessories
  • Connectors and battery for chargers
  • Bearings
  • Brushings
  • Cables
  • Cooling
  • Pump motors (electric)
  • Electrical
  • Featured products
  • Filters
  • Forklift decals
  • Forklifts
  • Forks
  • Fuel injection
  • Gas springs

Discount Forklift Parts is also famous for the following:

  • Every individual can shop 24/7
  • They use a lookup system (forklift parts) that support them to find what their customers need.
  • They can ship the order of their customers if they dwell within one of the 50 states.

Therefore, if you are in need of these products for your forklift, you can go for

Written by Frank Gonzalez — July 16, 2015

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