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Spartan Jr. Convertible Shelf Cart with SR Wheels

Built from standard Spartan Convertible Truck frames with 18" cast noseplate.
Lightweight aluminum truck and shelves.
Shelves made in USA. Maximum shelf capacity is 200 lbs with evenly distributed load.
Two sies - Jr. and Sr.
One carpeted shelf standard, optional 2nd carpeted shelf available.
Strap and ratchet assembly to secure shelves for knock down and transport. 5' long ratchet strap.
Spartan platform deck options fit shelf trucks; see Spartan options # 220800 and 220288.
Non-marking 5" x 1.25" polyethylene swivel casters.
Wheels: P 10" pneumatic or SR 10" solid rubber.
Shelf iniside dimensions: JR - 36.5"L x 17.75"W x 1.375"D. SR - 49"L x 17.75"W x 1.375"D.